You should be for Net Neutrality

By: NYTrojan

The idea behind Net Neutrality is that your carrier must treat all data the same.  They cannot treat bits from one source as more important than bits from another.  Nor can they form different pricing schemes based on the source of data.

Carriers want to kill it so that they can do things like block Netflix traffic unless you pay for a different tier.  Most carriers are cable companies and are killing Net Neutrality in order to make up for money they're losing as people migrate away from TV to the net.  

Actual examples of companies violating Net Neutrality laws are things like AT&T throtteling data transfer speeds from Facetime, and other smaller carriers blocking or slowing data transfer from Vonage which was a direct competitor to services they provided.  When Net Neutrality laws are revoked companies will be able to do this again.  

The end goal in killing Net Neutrality is to allow service providers to give you tiered service contracts.  For an extra $20 we'll give you access to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.  $30 gets you the streaming sports package, etc.  This is in addition to your actual netflix service payment.  It's another payment just to be able to use the service you're paying for.  As more and more content moves online (like CFB streaming) you'll have more and more companies working to charge you more for it if they are allowed to distinguish between streaming data and google searches.

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