Anyone who thinks LeSean did this is a racist..

By: Contrarian

Any clear thinking individual, who is not blinded by racist hate, can see this is just a coincidence.  An assailant went into the house, and demanded the specific items of jewelry that by chance happened to be the exact items that McCoy had given to Ms Cordon.  In fact LeSean insisted that she gives those items back to him because, as he warned her, expensive jewelry like that is often the target of thieves.  All he was doing was looking out for her welfare.  But no.....she stupidly insisted on keeping the gifts that big-heard LeSean had so graciously given her.  It was another coincidence that LeSean had recently changed the security system, and so it wasn't working.  The fact that there were no signs of forced entry just means that Ms Cordon was dumb enough to leave her doors open that night.

Anyone who thinks McCoy could possibly have done this is a blatant racist.  He is a classy human being who unlike so many teammates, did not kneel during the national anthem.  Instead he put this time to good use stretching, getting ready for the game, like all committed football players should do.

Stay strong bro.  Don't let the man take you down.

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