My comment was fair and accurate

By: crunchgodabruinknees

The analogy and facts were sound.

If you want to bring up history with your cartoon, lets remember that time during the cold war when the UCLA Chancellor another scumbag, wanted to keep the communist on staff. She is now a UCLA hero!! Praising communists is in fact as bad or worse than praising NAZIs, dumbass.

California Regents Force Communist From UCLA Against Chancellor's Wishes 


Los Angeles, June 19--The University of California's Board of Regents dismissed a Negro assistant professor of philosophy from the Los Angeles faculty today. The board said it moved because of statements she had made in four off-campus speeches.

Supporters of the teacher argued that Angela Davis, 26 years old, was dismissed because she acknowledged that she was a member of the Communist party. Miss Davis has argued that she was let go because of her race. One regent who voted to retain her on the faculty said he expected Miss Davis to file suit against the board.

The speeches used by the regents as their reason for acting were made last fall when Miss Davis reacted after being told that she had been discharged form her $10,000-a-year post at U.C.L.A. She sued and the state courts set aside the first dismissal.

The regents said they accepted an investigating committee's findings that Miss Davis had not attempted to indoctrinate students with her Communist beliefs and that her out-of- school commitments had not interfered with her teaching duties.


'Inflammatory Rhetoric'

The committee's report focused on statements she had made in the four off-campus speeches, which the regents said were characterized by "inflammatory rhetoric."

"We deem particularly offensive," the report said, "such utterances as her statement that he regents 'killed, brutalized [and] murdered' the People's Park demonstrators, and her repeated characterization of the police as 'pigs.' "

The committee said that Miss Davis seemed to see academic freedom as "an empty concept which professors used to guarantee their right to work undisturbed by the real world."

The committee said that Miss Davis had not hesitated to attack the motives, methods and conclusions of those with whom she disagreed and accused her of being "less than fair in her characterization of the views of fellow scholars." Miss Davis was not available for comment.

The action taken in the 15-to-6 vote was to refuse to rehire Miss Davis. The regents thus overruled the U.C.L.A. Chancellor, Charles E. Young, who had planned to rehire her on the strong recommendation of faculty committees who had praised her work.

Fuck her.



Fuck you

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I stand with these people not with the academic liberal communist assholes at UCLA.

They are more pro-American than the reds at UCLA.

Many carried anti-China posters, including ones that said “No leasing land to China even for one day,” and “Leasing land to China is selling the country to the Vietnamese people’s enemies,” and “China get out of Vietnam.” Several protesters carried American flags and anti-communist slogans such as “Down with communists” and “Down with traitors.”


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