Some shet hitting the fan at USC

By: Old Hickory Trojan

with the death of Willie Brown. Apparently he was let go by USC on July 25th it appears in a cost cutting measure after serving the University for over 14 years. A lot of unhappy ex-players and fans about the move and the quickness of his death. Apparently their have been cost overuns at Pats Tower, the Medical lawsuits, and the tightening of athletic budgets...apparently USc won't have two days in Dallas before game day but will fly in the day before which some conclude is another pointer to budget cuts...personally the only thing that bugs me is what the university did with Brown...he was the guy that drew my first interest to USC football and was also a hellva baseball player at USC...and when you consider they let him go when they had been paying two guys in the medical group that they knew were f'd up...seems like the priorities were backwards...IMHO

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