Your first point is correct but...

By: SCSmashmouth

Yes, SC does sh*t the bed with coaching hires. Haden did it 3 times because he was either too F'n lazy or stupid to hire the right guy. Your premise that top coaches don't want to coach at SC is garbage. Chris Petersen was there for the taking had Haden not sh*t the bed. SC doesn't even try for the big fish, they typically go myopic and choose a former or current assistant "who gets SC". The only time SC did a true national search was when they hired Howard Jones in the mid 1920s and that was only after first trying to land the biggest fish of them all then, Knute Rockne. That would be the equivalent today of first going after Saban but "settling" for Urban Meyer. I only wish we had an AD or school president who would shoot for the stars like that again instead of settling for garbage like Fade, The Drunk and now Gomer. 

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