You are caught up in stereotypes..

By: Contrarian

Watch his tape again, and look at his numbers. That should change your perspective, as least as to his style.  He is not a running quarterback by any real measure.  Last year he ran for 24 yards a game with a 3.8 YPC average last year...3431 yards passing, 287 rushing.  His rushing numbers were worse in his freshman year.  JT on the other hand, ran for 8.8 YPC.  Sears and Fink had much rushing numbers in high school as well.

He is a mobile pocket passer with a great arm, great accuracy, and great well as having great leadership skills, something that can't be undervalued.  He'll take off and run, but only if all other options are covered.   As he said, perhaps the biggest reasons he chose USC is that they way they play their quarterbacks fits his style.  It does.

I follow recruiting as closely as anyone, and like everyone here to varying degrees, I carry some prejudice around with me.  As far as him being black, I never even considered that fact when he first commited.  I don't think the vast majority of others have as well.  USC had a solid legacy of black quarterbacks before they were really in vogue.  Jimmy Jones, Vince Evans, Rodney Peete.  After that, they just didn't find another black QB that in their system, could beat out the line of white future NFL QB's they've had in place for the last two decades.  It's as simple as that.

I dont think Young has anything working against him, unless you want to argue about his size, which I don't think particularly matters at the college level.

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