USC couldn't pass on Young..

By: Contrarian

As i mention down below, Young fits USC's system perfectly, in sptie of what others here are saying.  Everyone close to DJ has always thought that he would be USC-bound, but his dad and DJ himself always kept that close to the vest publicly, and both have said they will waiting till SIGNING DAY, in February 2020 (something QB's almost never do), to announch his school...if indeed he plays college football at all.  There is still a ton of debate about if he will do so.  Most seem to be thinking he will play baseball this coming year, and if he's throwing 95MPH+ heat and becomes a first round pick, he could forego college football altogether.

There is no way USC could pass on Young completely for a shot 18 months down the road of landing DJ.  He's too good. There are conflicting reports about whether DJ will still be recruited by the Trojans.  The most prominent national recruiting analyst based in the West is saying no.  That Young's family will not stand for that, and have made that clear to USC.  Another analyst who is really well respected, is saying that USC will continue to stay in contact with we'll have to wait and see on that one.

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