I do not doubt that

By: Java

I also have a hard time believing he will not somehow wiggle out.


I agree with you.  Perfect.  Damage control.  CYA.


If this gets big, OSU sayd "hey. we acted RIGHT away, and wow, look how ugly it got, but we are OSU love women nyuk nyuk we love em lots!  Ahem yum yum"  Seriously.   He is being paid.  he's covered.  It's early August.    They have time.  Staff still runs the show and can.  Summer workouts run by players and S&C coaches.


If for some reason Harbaugh gets caught with pics of a goat and he naked?  And the media runs over to Ann Arbor and parks the distraction there?  Well, Urban will be quietly reinstated on Page 9 of the sports section and resume his illustrious, legendary, amazing, perfect career being the genius of all things pigskin. 







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