Yikes...but I guess this isn't that

By: Old Hickory Trojan

hard to believe...listening to the Podcast on USCFootball.Com and they are talking about how the kids were embarrassed by Ohio State when this jewel comes out...not only were the kids in the OL not strong enough but also didn't know the plays in the Cotton Bowl..how the hell can you go through a complete season and not know who to block on each play USC called...they maybe stronger this year but they sure the hell better know who to block on the called play....either thise kids are slow or the coaching is worst then I previously thought...  and another tidbit...both young centers were so impressive they wondered if Toa should be the starter although he told the coaches because of his height thats where he wants to play...kid showed loyalty moving to every postion on the OL so the question is do you reward loyalty or play the best man....unless he happens to be both

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