Around 1985 i was in a class

By: bigballss

With a bunch of football players, i forget how it came up, but someone asked who would or could challenge black superiority in football. All of the black players said Samoans. We knew them as Samoans then, Poly is the term now. To your question, they have been around but are now a huge force. Im glad SC recognized their potential 40 years ago. Carson and wilmington in the south bay, 20 minutes from SC is where many settled from the islands. Once again, our fertile recruiting soil coupled with our football awesomeness helped. Ucla was asleep. They got manumaleuna, i think a tuasosopo brother played at ucla. Arnold Ale too  but SC has been on polys from the get go. I dont know if you need an eye for talent with Poly's. Just need an eye. One eye. Huge fawkers. Always wanted to be on their team when we picked sides.

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