We are talking Ohio St game

By: Old Hickory Trojan

line play  accounted for sacks and no running game...turnovers all four of them hurt as well...it wasn't just turnovers that lost that game...they sure the hell didn't help but 2 of the turnovers were on sacks...USC rushed for 57 yards, and Darnold tossed one pick but was sacked 8 times and running for his life the whole game...so yup turnovers were killers but what caused them....8 sacks, no rushing game and a QB that was under pressure the whole game...so I would say you need to look at the whole game and take in the fact that the OL didn't perform and missed their assignments...and USC had darnold make three turnovers...all played a part in the loss...the OL returns Darnold doesn't and the OL has already said they blew their assignments in that game...accept it...move on and hopefully those guys will play better and if they don't then the coaches have put the wrong guys on the field...IMHO

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