Did I say he didn't? Show me

By: Old Hickory Trojan

but again your reading comprehension misleads you....what I did say was he only played in 7 games last year. One of those games LSU he got hurt and another was against Alabama. He threw zero TDs in those two games...which were 1.) Against the best team in America last year  and 2.) Hard to throw a TD pass when you are injured...so lets look at the other SEC games...that would be four teams and he threw 8 tds against those SEC teams...not bad at all. Let me add as I discussed yesterday both Tenn Martin and South Alabama are both Div 1A football teams just like the UNLV that USC will be playing this season and similar to the Idaho's and Hawaii's they've played in the past...so 9 tds in two games against Div 1A teams shouldn't be considered a negative since based upon last years performance by the PAC12 no one should throw a insult about any Div !A team IMHO...

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