Turnovers don't exist in a vacuum.

By: Waldorf

It's funny, so many people think turnovers just happen.  You seem to be one of them.  

Yeah, fumbles happen sometimes because it's a violent game, and it's hard to hold onto the ball when people are trying to knock the hell out of you.  But sometimes it's carelessness, which is often due to too much thinking -- which is often due to lack of preparation.  Same with interceptions.  When offenses break down, bad things often happen.  Darnold was able to pull a lot of rabbits out of his hat, but the odds weren't on his side when playing tough, disciplined teams. 

Okay, maybe turnovers aren't always preventable, but so many times they are.  And that goes back, again, to preparedness.  And that's coaching.  Look at the teams with the fewest turnovers, and most of the time they're at the top of standings. 

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