The D dominated yesterday

By: Old Hickory Trojan

from what I read...lets mot forget the D last year lost Porter Gustin which implacts the pass rush dramatically and Brandon Pili got valuable playing time and looked good yesterday in practice as an actual pass rusher and the kid they stole from UW who didn't play last season is supposed to return as well and he was looking like a starter. I'd say the biggest issues for unknown is at corner but think the safety's should be solid.

The biggest improvement for the D will be preventing the big play..if they had been able to not make the big play mistakes the D should be pretty good. They cannot let the average pass completinon be for over 12 yards like last season which got that hig based upo a lot of plays over 40 yards. Also Clancy can't b playing cat and mouse with his D but holding back like he did at the beginning of last season and then start running some different looks as the seasn progessed this is a vetern Defesne that he need to let rip IMHO

Again I don't think the Offense will suffer by bringing along a young QB...I think it may suffer because of the develoment of the Offesnive Line and the playcalling. I stil beleive the playcalling is not up to par and the Offensive Line has a lot to prove. If those two elements improve by several notches the young QB's should do OK esecially if Clay allows a kid like JT to audibilize at the line of scrimage ( which I'm not sure he would even think of doing). Having three possibly four guys calling plays on the sidelines to me is a recipe for disaster..

With that said I think the D is better then last season  ( how much I have no idea) and the Offense is questionable..but not necessarily because of the young QB's...plenty of teams have done pretty good with young QB's like GA twice inthe last two years, UW a couple years ago, Tate last year, Tua Tagalova when he finally got a chance to start coe to my mind...

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