Yes I'm serious

By: Old Hickory Trojan

The defense came out with fire in their eyes after the previous practice where the offense actually looked like USC had one ad on the first day of practice the defense took it to the offense as yeas I think the D was ticked off at their performance from the day before.Yes I heard Clay installed new stuff...what the hell does that mean, you really think Helton added something to his offense? Other then QB the rest of the offense is veterans. The stuff he introduced in all likelihood was new stuff for the newbies...and if Helton did bring some new stuff it might be due to the influence of Drevno because I don't beleive Clay thinks there is anything wrong with his offense. ... and as far as Pili, I mentioned another nose guard beside Brandon Phili that has been cleared to play who had the number one spot at NT until he hurt his ya I think between those two it's an upgrade over Fatu. 

Rector played well in place of Porter until he to got hurt and he can move inside..he's no Greene but he's not bad. I suspect no one wil know if the Defense is great until they see the defense or the offense on the field as one can magnify the other id they both are not that good...with that said I want to see them in pads, fulll contact 11vs 11 ones against ones...

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