No restrictions

By: mandb

Petersen said "You can't restrict kids - you release them. You can't say 'You can go tthis school or not' Either you release him you don't. So that's what it is". 

It sounds like another Marlon T situation except the Kaho family are already US citizens. But in all seriousness, it does appear to be family pressure. Kaho loved UW but his parents didn't. Mom wanted him at USC and Dad wanted him at Alabama. The article I read was quoted as "His family was really adamant to he needs to - " The family, not Kaho himself. Yes, the parents are going through a divorce and he had a couple of relatives die recently, as the 'family' said 'he needs to be closer to his family' and those were the reasons the used to be released. Will Kaho end up at Nevada Reno?

Or will it be Alabama or USC?


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