Not much incoming beef...

By: Contrarian

At least not yet.  Definitely a mixed bag out there.  Here's where things more-or-less stand right now. I don't think I'm giving away any real proprietary info ....

It seems like most elite offensive linemen do not want to play for Callahan.  The last three elite offensive line targets that USC really wanted (Carman, Sewell, and Doobs) have went elsewhere. I am not considering Rodriquez as elite. Jonah Tauanu'u, a local Narbonne stud seems to be favoring Oregon and Oklahoma with his mom reportedly refusing to talk to USC.  Sean Rhyan, a  highly ranked Orange County OT, is still strongly considering the Trojans, although he likes UCLA as well. 

On the other side of the ball, Faatui Tuitele, USC's #1 defensive line prospect, didn't even include the Trojans in his top 5.  Udeze is attempting to change that. Their other major DL target, Siaki Ika, seems to be leaning towards either Oregon or Alabama.  Local DE Thibodeaux, the #1 prospect in the country, as of a few weeks ago, had not heard USC at all for the last few months, but both Stanford and UCLA are shying away from him as well.  Lots of rumors from good sources that he is on the take and the SEC is the highest bidder.  Mase Funa, the big Mater Dei linebacker that USC coveted is currently an Oregon commit, but he's out with an ACL. Some think USC still has a shot at him.

Not a lot of beef on the hoof right now for the Trojans from a recruiting standpoint, but they do always seem to close strong.  

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