the difference is I don't blow smoke...

By: LA Duck

...up Petersen's skirt just because he's UW's coach and has delivered you from 0-12 seasons.

What has the Patron Saint of the Wildwest done since he was at UW?

Lost 3 of 4 bowl games.  The one bowl win being vs Southern Miss.

Lost a playoff game to the loser of the national championship game, Alabama.

And his p12 championship game win came vs an undeserving Colorado team -- we all know USC should have been the rep for the south instead of the Buffs, and with quite likely a very different outcome had a UW vs USC match-up occurred.

UW has ranked better than 20th in recruiting only once since Petersen began at UW, 14th in 2018 - and you just lost Kaho from that group.  Last time I checked you were in the 30s for the 2019 recruiting season.  Will he get UW under 20th again??

Color me not all that impressed with Petersen since his arrival at UW from Boise St.

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