No difference, you sure blow smoke

By: mandb

up Cristobal's ass.

You were 'not sold' on Petersen and his 92-12 record coming from BSU until, very reluctantly, the end of his 3rd season with UW winning the Pac-12 championship and a playoff spot.

But you immediately 'were sold' on Cristobal's 27-47 record as a head coach and his only game as a head coach at Oregon was a blowout loss to a MWC team in a minor bowl game.

If you are not 'colored with being impressed' with Petersen since BSU while licking Cristobal's balls and his extremly dismal record, you have just fortified your reputaion of being the master of talking out of both sides of your mouth.

It is so hard to take you seriously knowing you will not post anything except your own fantasies.

You have Cristobal and we have Petersen. No thanks...not interested in any trades. Of course you are about the only duck fan (need to be a realistic one) that wouldn't make that trade.

Oh...and congradulations on winning another offseason that doesn't mean anything....................


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