Where have I said that Cristobal.....

By: LA Duck

...is a great coach?

Search all you want.  You won't find it.

Great recruiter?  ABSO--FRICKEN--LUTELY.

Jury is still out as to whether he can coach a lick or not.  Search for that, and you will find where I've said that multiple times, my friend.

I've NEVER been sold on Cristobal as being proven as a great coach at this point.  Can he get there?  I think he will, he's doing all the right things to turn Oregon around quickly, but nothing is certain at this point.  

Don't put words in my mouth that I never wrote, mandb.  You are better than that.

As for Petersen, the Patron Saint of the Wildwest, he's done less than Neuheisel who at least won a Rose Bowl for you pups.  And coming from the success he had at BSU to Washington I would expect more from him, don't you?

Petersen has reached his ceiling.  We don't know yet what Cristobal's ceiling is.  And that works for this quack. No trade wanted or desired.  :-)


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