By: mandb

So UW stunk up one game (by a whole 6 point loss) to miss the CCG so you conclude he failed miserably. I predict you will be sorely disappointed with your team for the foreseeable future. 

By the way you have been pumping sunsine up Cristobal's ass, it is funny that you have "no expectations for Cristobal to do anything but provide stability and a foundation for future success"? So you believe he will do nothing but to set the table for the next head coach after he gets fired? And you say "it takes time to get things on track"? But Petersen should have won a conference championship and an invite to the playoffs before his 3rd season because 'two years is enough time to get things back on track'? Are you talkingh out of both sides of your mouth again?

Now you are pumping up your assistants. Besides Leavitt and Hayward (who I wouldn't trade for Kwiatkowski or Jimmy Lake every day and twice on Sundays), the others just make me YAWN (including your head coach).

Sure, I predict you will have a great time this season when you run up the scores on your ultra cupcake OOC schedule. But I predict things will not be as rosey after those.

If Petersen's ceiling is Pac-12 Confernce Championships and playoff invites (I predict UW can win those types of games), that is much more than any other program in the country not named Alabama, Ohio St, USC, etc., can say. I predict I will me more than fine with that.

Nope, with your blind sunshine pumping (remember you predicted Helfrich would just keep thing rolling), I take ZERO stock in your 'predictions'..............





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