By: LA Duck

The expectations for Petersen coming from Boise State where he was almost unbeatable, and for Cristobal coming from a losing FIU program that barely had money for anything are very different.

In addition the expectations of the Dawg faithful I'm pretty certain didn't include losing by a mere 6 points and missing the CCG where all had predicted they would be last season.

It's all blah blah blah, of course.

You like your team, I like my team.

You need to stop putting words in my mouth, however, mandb.  I never said Helfrich would absolutely keep Oregon rolling.  I did say that he provided the best chance for us to continue to win by keeping the offensive system that Chip began and he perfected.  That's why I was all for him continuing what Chip began.  

Helfrich at least brought us a Rose Bowl victory / playoff win, and a berth in the national championship game. Something Petersen has yet to do at UW.

As it were mainly due to Helfrich's piss poor recruiting, the Ferrari crashed and burned.

Luckily we got that part turned around, and fairly quickly.  Or is being #5 in the nation in recruiting not something that resonates with you?  You Dawgs are about 30 places behind us currently.

Let's revisit this on the night of October 13th, shall we?  Much more will be made clear by then.  :-)

Cool, amigo?

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