It’s elon musk and he’s a general

By: Java

Prick who only lies when his lips are moving. I think he’s a sham artist. Don’t believe a word he says. So when he tweeted recently about going private and having funding I knew he was attacking short sellers. I also knew he was probably drunk and tweeting or lying. And that he was setting himself up for a suit. His lieutenants have spent the last 24 hrs trying to cover because they mnownit could land him in jail or cost a lot of money. His stock shot from the $330 range to $380 on the so called news. I tried to get in at 379 and didn’t get the short approved till 370. I’m not a big short sell guy so I only did 300 shares. Mostly to piss the little twerp off. Didn’t expect to make $4000 in the first hour. I think easily it could and would settle at $330-$350 because hisnlatest earnings call wasn’t all bad news. And because for an hour he. As a rarity. Behaved himself. But he couldn’t contain himself long. Just like trump or an impudent child. No impulse control Soooo. Off he goes. Decided to take advantage of his hubris Now. It goes to $340 and we make $9,000. It goes to $300 where it was a month or two ago? $20,000. It’s up because he said while they’re burning cash it’s not as bad and they will be profitable this quarter we are in. Bull crap. No chance. Another lie And I think the going private is just another distraction. And a set up to excuse what’s about to happen. The excuse that oh. We are doing fine. It’s the investors that are wrong. They just have no patience. If we were private his wouldn’t happen. Excuses. Excuses
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