Which is exactly why I just bet against him

By: Java

And now I’m wondering how long to hang around. The guy always has another lie up his sleeve. The electric 18 wheeler. Profits soon. 500,000 cars a year. A battery factory that would increase battery efficiency to a measure of 3-4 when lithium ion and other batteries are merely a matter of chemistry. And on it goes As I said. I’m feeling fairly happy I just made an easy $4k. That’s still big money to me as a kid who pulled weeds for $1 an hour. And I think it easily could be $9,000. $20,000 is possible but it would require a lot of bad pr. Also would be a return to $300 for Tesla doable but elon always has a new pump and dump lie to tell. I’m thinking of targeting a number around $10,000 or gain. Cashing out and laughing. Satisfied I made 10k at that little pricks expense
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