Jd. Alibaba. Tencent iq

By: Java

And baidu. Yes. I want to learn more. Confused as to which at least are fundamentally sound. Wouldnlovr to jump in if Chinese market crashed I have accumulated about $110,000 of alibaba for free meaning i sell a put on it at say. $160? And another at $150? Take the money and buy it at $180 where it’s at at the time. Then wait 3-4 months till put expires. The. Repeat process. Probably about $15-$20k at a time. So it doesn’t bother me if the stock goes down a little. Who cares. It was free money. And I now own a high flier. $110k Worth for free. Starting to do the same with iq. The Chinese Netflix I’m up to about $34k with them. They seem more volatile though. If the stock falls by the strike date then I have two choices Eat it and buy it at the strike price which is now above market. Or buy out the position and use the currency of time in the future to sell another put to give the stock time to recover. Or sell a put at a lower price in future which might net my buyout at higher price in present. So the first strategy of sell put. Buy stock. Let put expire is option 1. Free $. Winning strategy Option 2 of buying out losing position and selling to the future I call throwing forward That’s a defensive maneuver of the stock has turned on me. Only when a stock completely falls through the floor in a short time period so neither of these strategies work very well. So yes. I want to k ow a lot more about those Chinese stocks i listed. And I think this is really good Timing with all the saber rattling with China and us. Makes people scared and presents good bargains. I’d also like to know what companies are similarly poised in India Remember. India is right behind China in population and development. And In terms of education probably ahead of them Huge market opportunity there
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