If USC get to the Alamo Bowl

By: Java

Depending on whether UW is in the Rose or the playoff.  And how USc does against Texas and ND, that could be a very good year.


If USC beat Texas, ND and lost to UW and got sent to Alamo, they'd probably be a 11-2 team.  That is way better than anyone expects of this squad.  Reality is most people are thinking this is an 8-4, 9-3 team that probably picks up loss 4 if they are 9-3 in the PAC-12 title game.  Then goes to a bowl where a match up will determine whether they finish 9-5 or 10-4.  

I think worst case, and it COULD happen.  Would be.  USC loses to Stanford, Texas, Notre Dame.  Loses to Arizona or utah but not both.  Wins the South because utah and AZ lose other games, tiebreaker, etc.  Both of those teams have losses pending against UW.  And play each other.  So USC could lose to one and still win the south.


In that case, USC is an 8-4 south winner.  Loses to UW and is 8-5.  And loses bowl to go 8-6.  That would be most unsatisfying.  


I think to appease most, this team needs to figure some combo to have enough positives to end the season with 9-10 wins.  If so, it means they won their bowl.  or they beat Texas and or ND.  Or limited conference losses.  But if they lose to Texcas, Stanford, ND, Arizona/Utah/UCLA, UW, and Bowl?  Think the wolves come out.  Shoot, I think if aobut 2/3 of that happens wolves come out.  


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