Had one hell of a day

By: Conquest2000

After spending the week in Myrtle Beach, playing 36 holes a day for 4 days, weather was great, hotter than a witches tit. Today I was given the amazing chance to visit Columbia, SC and Clemson, SC on the same day to watch football practices at both schools. Got to Columbia at around 11am and the caught end of the Gamecocks practice. All I can really say is that they are big along the lines. Have a shit ton of good looking athletes. Are pretty inept on offense. Probably a 7-5 or 6-6 team Bell Bowl bound. Intense mother f’ing coaches. They practice hard it was hot and humid. Sloppy towards the end they were tired. We didn’t stick around long because the real prize was going to watch Clemson and very heavy rains were in the forecast so getting up there was gonna be a bitch. Went with my father in law who is a major member of IPTAY (Clemson’s C&G) this guy who owns the Clinton House (hunters in the south know) and the Offensive Coordinator of Habersham Central, Habersham County, GA whose son will be a top 10 qb in two years. First things first. Clemson’s football facilities blow everyone in the pac 12 away and it isn’t even close. Don’t care how much Wasserman, Knight, or Brian Kennedy pour into their Pac 12 facilities they will never touch Clemson. Two 100 yard indoor practice buildings, 2 outdoor practice areas, the whole compound looks like you are entering the Marriott Desert Springs in Palm Desert. Surrounded by water, lush landscaping there is an 18 hole golf course next door for Clemson golf but word is it was built for the football coaches, proximity to the coaches offices, 1st tee is 25 yards from the back door, says this is for football not golf. A whole separate building and area for football players to rehab indoors and out. Sweet locker and meeting rooms, dining hall like a high end mall food court with personal chef’s for the coaches and by position group, and your typical Bowling allies, a freaking night club looking lounge, 2 dozen 55” flat screens in a room so the players can play video games, separate lounges for the trainers and equipment managers that are better than usc and ucla’s Players lounges. Place is freaking ridiculous usc should be ashamed. The McKay center is 1/20th the size. No wonder players come to this shit hole in the middle of nowhere to play football. To get an idea of size with the golf course it is roughly the size of usc’s new University Village. Death Valley is like 75 yards away. Clemson holds totally open practices. Despite the rain and thunder storms Dabo had practice in Death Valley. Which I will be honest is freaking sweet. Place is awesome. Dabo is intense, can see why he can recruit, has a lot of Pete Carroll in him. Constantly pulling guys aside and talking to them one on one, looks constantly excited and pumped up. He seems to be everywhere at once we were in the west end zone watching dl vs ol and I swear I saw him coaching a kid on a route tree 40 yards away and he came flying over to the drill at like 100 mph. Instantly the intensity of the drill went up 10 notches. You can tell the players love him. Clemson looks like USC during Carroll’s heyday. Just different looking dudes. Their Dline looks like it has 8 nfl guys on it. Oline was big but going up against the Dline they looked over matched. Not saying they are not good just Clemson’s Dline is fucking legit. So jealous of their DLine. Aside from Dabo, so wish we had their CB, DL, OL, and LB coaches. They have 5 DL guys as good or better than Rasheam Green. Skill position wise, Usc is fast, Clemson is faster. I think skill position wise usc and Clemson are a push but Clemson guys run so effortlessly. QB’s saw Lawrence spin it. Tall, skinny, similar mechanics to Rosen, way more athletic, than Rosen. Athletic but not a tank type athlete like Darnold. Polished kid will be good. Can see why Hunter Johnson transferred and why Lawrence will play some this year. Started to really come down and lightening was in the area so practice was cut short. It was all thudding, despite being in full pads. Big emphasis on keeping bits legal. Crisp practice. This is an 11 win team. CFP bound. So much speed. It’s one thing to be fast but to be so well coached so that you know where you are going and there is no hesitation it makes a player who runs a 4.4 40 seem like he is running a 4.2 40. This a a very confident bunch of guys. Size, speed, talented and well coached is a fucking lethal combo. This team beats UW by 10 plus. Beats us by 17 plus. Would shut out Stanford. Would literally murder UCLA. This DL vs UCLA’s Oline would be illegal in all 50 states.
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