Ducks after 1st week practice


Herbert a stud and is stronger this year. Dye looks as good as ever Top frosh, 3 standouts after one week: 1) Sewell. Man among boys. Started 1st day of practice 4th string, moved up to 2nd string second day of practice. Most believe he will be 1st string by 1st game or a few games in. Cristabal stated he is the best o-line prospect he has ever seen and that includes his time as a player at Miami and at Alabama as coach 2) LB Jackson out of Colorado. 2nd string after 1st week. Stud 3) Verone McKinley DB. 2nd string after 1st week. Has outplayed Lenoir, and many reporting he should be starter. Lenoir has a year experience though, so we’ll see what happens
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