AIB Business college in Des Moines

By: crunchgodabruinknees

People who achieve don't settle for shit holes like the out-skirts of De Moines, Iowa where you live. No one, not a single person of any achievement would consider that as a first choice. So STFU about the BOT--they are winners you aren't.

Maybey ou can aim for a top achievement to show you know better than the USC BOT--you can become tops in your field as the top trash picker in West Des Moines. Then you could get elected as VP of the local Kiwanis Club to demonstrate your perspicacity. Then you can join the BOT for AIB Business college in Des Moines. Its ranked 1,284th on USNW rankings. Zero of the 82% who applied and were accepted, attended the school last year. It fits you and your hometown--loserville in a cornfield.  They could use the input of a crack expert top achiever like yourself. If you could recruit one student and $100.00 you could be the President of your top hometown school.

Reach your level and STFU about your betters, those superior to you in social class, achievement, and ability.


its not to late to leave your mark on the world in another way. You need to protest by dancing in a funeral fire singing "rickety-tickety-tin". Right now you may just be a failed disliked loser internet troll who makes idiotic grandiose claims, but you can still make your scorch mark!! Step up to the plate, bro. It would probably bother people with the stench--just like your inane posts. Give it go with a bit of gas and a match.

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