Great stuff, TEE!

By: LA Duck

I think I can get used to TEE being on the bandwagon for a change.   :-)

Yep, it's all about the recruiting.

Now that we have a pathway to turning that around the next few seasons, next is making sure our offense doesn't suffer.

We don't necessarily need a Chip, we just don't need an Andy Ludwig (OC at Oregon from 2002 to 2004) either -- pretty much considered to be the single best and the single worst OCs Oregon's had since Bob Toledo was our OC in the late 1980s, pre-Mike Bellotti.

Jury is still out on OC Marcus Arroyo.  We concede most of last season (good and bad), was due more to Taggart and his play calling than to Arroyo.  And I think most quacks are willing to give him a year to prove himself.

Defense we have no issues--finally--with a very competent DC in Jim Leavitt.

So the biggest questions moving forward is Cristobal's in-game management plus our OC/offensive game plan.

And both won't be tested until late September when Stanford comes to Autzen.

Won't be long now...

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