How many Olympiad’s popes. World

By: Java

Series nfl teams has your stadium hosted? Oh yeah. Got it. Oh but hey. You’ve got plastic grass and a lake. That’s really neat. Does it come with plastic sheeting for the seats ? Do they roll it down the aisle? Are the appliances 70s avocado? As I said. I’ve been there It’s not special. Oh and nice little vision board. Is it still using that old dot matrix type technology? Anyway yahoo for uw You’ve got a stadium that looks like a Country fair grandstand. Sorry it does. And a stadium that I literally can’t think of a single iconic or historic moment occurring in. It’s just a sanitized boring faceless structure whose only personality is a lake. Think of this. Your stadium has the charm of a Costco. And would have the exact same selling points if it burned to the ground. Hey. We have this here lake. Yep. Pile of ashes but we have this lake Got a huge grandstand to judge the cows and see the journey tribute band. But there’s this lake. You know what? There are lakes everywhere up here. Ruins the traffic Really kind of annoying. 1 lake is special. 5,000 lakes are a traffic impediment Husky stadium? An afterthought.
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