Husky Stadium is awesome. Irrefutable.

By: Hillside

Amazing Fan Experience.   Most beautiful location for a game in college football.  One of only two stadiums in America where you can take your boat to the game (Tennessee is the other).   Excellent place to tailgate, or take in the tented area just outside the stadium.  Walk to the pubs in the off campus commercial district.   Quick bus to downtown and Pike Street Market.

I am a huge Trojan fan, Trojan alumni and 2x Trojan Parent.   But......Football gamedays at Husky Stadium AND at Oregon's Autzen Stadium (my middle son went there)...are amazing, naturally striking, well done great venues in vastly superior settings.    The Coliseum is sacred ground that drips of history and tradition.....but it is NOT the fan experience, nor as "user friendly" anymore (especially now after the rennovation destroyed it).  It is no longer "massive" wth the reduction in seating and sell-out to skyboxes.     

Unless you have been to Husky Stadium or have no idea how great they are.  Each stadium has its own greatness and history.  This argument is petty.



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