Pike sheet is a pigfest

By: crunchgodabruinknees

of tourist slop. There are a dozen similar walking streets in Southern California as nice or nicer. Including

Santa Monica, Downtown LA, Melrose,  Newport Penninsula, Redondo, Manhattan, Gas Lamp, Laguna, Pasadena etc etc

Its nards-up f'ing cold and wet In Seattle especially close to the water--regularly.

To each his own, but Husky stadium is like a flat chested girl, with an average face ,a bony ass, and cheap clothing. From a  distance, the water and the setting might be attractive and the girl may resemble a model, but up close it aint' "all that". Look closely and you will see her as a 2nd or third choice for anight and certainly not some one to stay with. Most anyone can do better.

If you didn't know better or are down on your luck she (and Husky Stadium) might suffice in apinch, but neither is all that great. 

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