Have you gone post-Husky stadium rennovation?

By: Hillside

I don't think we are talking about the sme place.   If one considers Husky Stadium as a dump.....are you saying that the LA Coliseum be better?  Not a chance! Views from the Coliseum seats are not as good. Seats themselves are not as good.  The UW neighbohood is the no-contest winner.  The Avenue you talk about is much better than anything in South Central LA.   Are you saying there are NO homeless, beggars, and shithole retail near the LA Coliseum?   Please.  It is South Central LA!   

I would rather deal with some clouds and some rain than the stiffling 98F to 105F heat in LA these days.

Those games are late in the season in Seattle.   Most of the time...it is great viewing.

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