Don't BS me

By: Hillside

You are forgetting the fact that I am a USC guy.

But you are mistaken....first of all, 5 months ago was March.  No football. No Stadium. Gotcha. 

Secondly, the seats between the goalines at UW ARE seats...many with with cushions (and this was 5 years ago). Not sure about the endzone...but UW endzone seats...bench or not...are better line of sight seats than USC. 

The entire northern half of the UW stadium was torn down and rebuilt 5 years ago.

The neighborhood around USC (unless you are counting UVillage) is not better than UW. Not even close.  UW neighborhood is upscale, but older (like Berkeley).  USC is GHETTO a block away (UnivVillage excepted).  2 blocks away from UW are in wonderful upper middle class homes.  USC it is homeless, ghetto, or both.

We can disagree on weather.  That is a personal preference.  Anything over 80F is NOT FOOTBALL weather.



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