UCLA Throws White Male Exclusion into Overdrive

By: crunchgodabruinknees

UCLA Throws White Male Exclusion into Overdrive

Heather Mac Donald has her doubts that Albert Einstein could get hired at today’s UCLA due to academia’s single-minded devotion to diversity:

Starting this fall, all faculty applicants to UCLA must document their contributions to “equity, diversity and inclusion.” (Next year, existing UCLA faculty will also have to submit an “equity, diversity and inclusion statement” in order to be considered for promotion, following the lead of five other UC campuses.)

Regarding Einstein,

Would his “job talk” — a presentation of one’s scholarly accomplishments — reflect his contributions to equity, diversity and inclusion? Unlikely. Would his research show, in the words of the evaluation template, the “potential to understand the barriers facing women and racial/ethnic minorities?” Also unlikely. Would he have participated in “service that applies up-to-date knowledge to problems, issues and concerns of groups historically underrepresented in higher education?” Sadly, he may have been focusing on the theory of general relativity instead. What about “utilizing pedagogies addressing different learning styles” or demonstrating the ability to “effectively teach and attract students from underrepresented communities”? Again, not at all guaranteed.

Instead, the position would go to an Instructor of Color hired to spew subversive Cultural Marxist propaganda, no matter the ostensible subject matter. This is why America’s days of scientific discovery and world-changing innovation will fade into the past.

Being a genius, Einstein wouldn’t apply for a professorship anyway. Diversity vice chancellors don’t have to tax their brains and make much better money:

In 2015, UCLA created a vice chancellorship for equity, diversity and inclusion, funded at $4.3 million, according to figures published by the Millennial Review in 2017. … Over the last two years, according to the Sacramento Bee’s state salary database, the diversity vice chancellor’s total pay, including benefits, has averaged $414,000, more than four times many faculty salaries.

The pursuit of knowledge has been thoroughly subordinated to social engineering and the practice of moonbattery as a religion.

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