if he actually would have touched someone

By: Contrarian

....he reportedly would have been given the death penalty by USC.

Really, it is getting ridiculous at USC.  He never laid a finger on anyone.  He lost his temper and started yelling at some female athletes he had an issue with.  He said a few things, but so what?  Why two years?  What the hell does that accomplish?   

Meanwhile, at Alabama, two of their stars are caught smoking pot in a car with a stolen gun in the car (an automatic felony), and they didn't even miss practice time.  Jameis Winston raped a women and FSU threw the book at him.  He had to sit out a meaningless game.  Oklahoma's star freshman running back, Joe Mixon, brutally cold-cocked a female in a bar, breaking multiple bones in her face..it was caught on tape.  He got a year's suspension.

Anything over a year's suspension for Bubba is beyond crazy. 

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