Not much seniority left at safety...

By: Contrarian

Just Pollard if you want to count him and he's never really seen the field.  I'm not sure if he is athletic enough to get a great deal playing time.  

With Ross gone and Bolden suspended, Pola-Mao needs to be the man.  He can't be biting on fake reverses and ignoring his lane tomorrow.  That will get you benched in high school.  I'd imagine Clancy is losing sleep over the fact he will have him in against Stanford for at least 50 snaps. I doubt Hufanga plays. Too green.

There are a few other interesting battles going on as well.  

At guard, Vorhees next good game will be his first.  Meanwhile, Vera-Tucker is abusing people, and needs to get the start.  I doubt he does though.

Also, Clayton Johnson probably deserves a close look at RT ahead of Chuma.

No matter who plays, there is no reason for the offensive line not to perfrom well. There is only one better-than-average player in Stanford's front 7.


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