no way he lasts that long

By: OutOfCompton

extension or not, stanford was the beginning of the end.  Even the rah rahs now know (but won't admit) that he's lying every time he opens his mouth.  Run first? no.  Physical practices? no.  Players' poor execution to blame? yes, but that's how you coached them to execute the plays, so it's still back on you.

Helton's going down with the ship, just like Kiffin and Sark.  Couldn't respect the game for how it NEEDS to be played.  Coudn't put what's best for the program ahead of himself and his crony hires.  Couldn't seriously critique his schemes and figure out that not all options are mutually interchangeable.  You want to run a ZR, you HAVE TO HAVE  THE QB RUN A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF THE TIME. Don't like that option, then get your qb under center except for obvious passing downs, get 2 RBs on the field, and teach your OL/TEs to drive block. Those are the two options, but you can't mix and match the parts that suit you politically, as football doesn't work that way.

This isn't rocket science, but it's clearly over this staff's collective heads.

As for replacements, Bob stoops is out there, as is JDR.  I like the coach at VT, among others.

Lastly, you need someone who hasn't sold out or doesn't know football making the call on the new coach here.  That rules out Swann, Nikias, Haden and most of the BOT. Therein lies the BIG PROBLEM usc faces.

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