confidently incompetent.

By: San Clemente

Darnold pulled his fat out of the fire and now that Darnold is gone, the fraud is completely exposed.  


It's not just that Hugs thinks his system is great , it's the only thing he knows.  He thinks Pendergast and T brain are geniuses.  Like most fat people Hugs is lazy. He's never even bothered attending a defensive meeting.  Not ONE.  


As I have posted, he never planned on this gig.  He told Kiffin he only wanted to be a chain of command guy and had no ambition to be anything more than  just part of something like USC.  He said he would walk to los angeles to get the job as an assistant.  He was the guy that picked up Kiffin's and Sark's dry cleaning and always showed up with donuts . He's still pinching himself that he's here.  Yes that article was pulled from the net. Just like Pete Carroll's idiot kid yelling at walk ons was pulled off the net, and mooooslimms celebrating 911 from new jersey was pulled off the net.  Saw them all.  


Brain dead rah rahs blamed DARNOLD for few losses.  Think about that for a moment.  They actually think Hugs is a good coach and his collection of idiots have the team coached up.  Think about that for a moment.


Darth Goatshit had to get body guards.  My guess is empty seats will be the response to Hug's.  sc



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