Serena and Nike are having a BAD week

By: PasadenaTrojan

hmmmm...where have I seen this movie before. Comey, FBI (Strzok, McCabe), GOP, NFL, Apprentice remake with Governator, Hollywood (weinstein/ticket sales/oscar ratings), Lavar Ball and now Nike. Trump curse is real folks.  Deal with it lolol. I have my reasons why this is the case but another time.

Australian newspaper did the unthinkable and said stop with your MISREPRESENTATIONS lol - This is what we do and who we are with EVERYONE (pic below). Lmao. Hard to argue the facts but the usual suspects are trying to spin for her.   (Yahoo, TMZ, huff post, ESPN.)

Did anyone notice the umpire was latino lol?  

BTW, umpires are uniting and saying they may not want to judge Serena's matches in future without an apology. LOl that is rich. Grab the organic popcorn liberals. Serena is busy posting pics with her and baby this week.



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