I have a suggestion fit you 909

By: USC66

Become an Alabama fan and then when they play Arkansas State, Louisiana Lafayette and Louisiana Monroe you can worship at the feet of Nick Saban while Ripping Clay Helton when he loses to a ranked Stanford or even a mediocre Texas On the road. Texasshould win just because they have that genius Tom Herman Who has lost two straight to that powerhouse Maryland. Hey let’s trade Helton for Tom Herman straight up. Will that make you feel better. There is a herd mentality On this board that Helton is an idiot and a terrible coach. His record the last two Years saysotherwise and has also raised the talent level and the depth. We may Even have a transcendent quarterback who just needs experience. Clay Helton Is not Urban or nick but he doesn’t deserve the crap he gets on this board. But doesn’t Make difference what I think. HH likes him and he isn’t going anywhere in the Foreseeable future. So grip on
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