Yes please trade Helton for Hermann

By: NJ Trojan

Hermann is a better coach than Clay.  Texas is no longer the Texas of old. Mack Brown destroyed them when he had the "First 25 texas boys to commit" recruiting philosophy. Texas also got cocky and thought Texas A&M needed them to be relevant in the Big 12 and the SWC. When A&M bolted for the SEC it left Texas in the Dust and opened (even more) Texas to SEC recruiters.  Even though A&M success on the football field have not been level they had hope for yet (not winning the SEC West of SEC) .  Texas used to get "the best 25" kids to come to Texas, now that has changed.   Hermann can only dream of signing the top recruits in Texas like USC can sign the top recruits in California (except OL). Hermanns coaching ability coupled with USCs recruiting capability would make them a monster again. Until the day USC recognizes that Helton is not your next level coach, the path USC will be on is an 8 or 9 win avergage with rare 11 win season outlier. Last year was the outlier

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