Watching Rams Offense last week

By: PasadenaTrojan

So Coach McVay is widely and appropriately considered an offensive genius. So I tried to watch and to learn. Two simple and very obvious takeaways.  1) he uses multiple players evenly. Kupp, Woods, Cooks, Gurley (runner of course but receiver out of backfield as well).  Remember old Kiffen and Sark days with 1 receiver basically? Hard to game plan that isnt it?  Darnold fortunately changed that approach. 2) he uses a lot of misdirection.  Not a rollout and keep route tree on same side of field (splits it 50%) but a true misdirection where you go one way and throw back the other way. Idk shouldnt USC try these things as well? With a new QB shouldn't we gameplan with plays to confuse the defense yet make it manageable for our Freshman QB?

He does not ask Goff to throw into tight windows frequently.  They are lots of high percentage passes but just designed well.  Goff does throw deep on occasion and into tight windows to keep folks honest I would guess but I like the ratio. For those that think play calling is rocket science, remember this. Sark still has a job. I watched end of falcons game last week and they were at 10 yard line and  a score wins game.  He threw two fades lol. 

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