a question of patience...?

By: bigballss

From the longhorn board :The fact is some don't want to hear the truth. Over the last 15 games has Herman and his offensive staff done anything to change the narrative about the Texas offense? Personnel choices? Play-calling? He was supposed to come in an be a offensive innovator, instead he brings in a QB coach/OC who Ohio State fans were glad to get rid of and over the last 1 1/2 years hasn't improved this offense one bit. Aggy is gaining ton of ground, they pack their stadium, play in a conference that the media hails as the "best conference" and they are selling new hope with actual SIGNS OF IMPROVEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR PLAYERS!!! Ask yourself, how improved has our QB been? How improved has our DL been? How about our WR core that has talent all across the board but still come out lackluster? Unless Herman wants to be the 3rd or 4th best "football" school in Texas he better get his s*** together.

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