People forget that Jamal Cook...

By: Contrarian

...Jamal Cook, a top 100 safety, was basically run out of town too.  He stayed around a semester longer than he needed to before finally transferring to South Carolina a couple of months ago.  USC is down four 4-star safeties right now.

Ykili did not exactly lose his #1 spot.  He just wasn't given initial #1 reps when he came back.   The weird thing is that after one blow up, where he had a legit argument.... Ykili, who was a good student and had never rocked the boat before, was refused another shot by Clay, reportedly because he didn't want dissention in the locker room between pro and anti Ykili groups.  

Most found that logic puzzling.  It was one freaking incident that he walked away from a minute after it started.

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