Lot of nice neighborhoods

By: Java

In Corona and Temecula is really nice.  Problem IMO is that so many of those houses are cookie cutter, but that's So Cal.  Means you ride the market up.  And ride it down all together.  


My house in SVL is way over built for the neighborhood.  I overpaid for it.  Would be very hard to sell.  But at some point I had to say, am I buyign it for the pocketbook or to live in?  And I am so happy with the house.  Feels like I am on vacation every day.  Gorgeous view.  And my boys and I had some of those most amazing times in their teen years here.  I can't put a price on that.  So in the end, I will likely have overpaid for it by $100K or $200K but given the atomic bomb their mother dropped on our lives, total bargain.  The best I ever had.  

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