I mostly work LA and Orange Counties

By: bigballss

there is a housing shortage pretty much everywhere. Be careful buying right now as the market appears to be changing towards a more friendly buyers market. Everything is so expensive right now you could end up in a bad spot. I just bought a condo in redlands and a house in lake elsinore but normally those aren't my territories. I have bird dog agents that find me houses before they go on the market. Mostly short sales. I let them represent me so the greedy bastards can double end the deal. In a short sale the Seller is getting no cash from the sale so you can buy it for whatever you negotiate with the bank. Most employees at banks roll over in the negotiation. Unless you have contacts you will have to buy a property already exposed to the marketplace and that gets more expensive. What i have been doing for a while now is trying to buy at a price where the property cash flows with a 20% down payment. I figure as long as it is cash flowing who cares what its worth. The only time the value of the property matters is whhen its for sale. Sorry i couldn't help much with your  question. real estate is neighborhood specific and i don't work out there much. Good luck  

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