The vitriol on this board towards Helton

By: USC66

Astounds me. It isn’t criticism of a coach for legitimate football reasons. It is sheer pure hate. It is it football related. Any facts that show Helton is doing a good job or support him Are totally rejected . The most credible evidence he is doing a good job is his record. But that is rejected. Why? Well the players are 30-0 and the coaching staff is 0-12. Rational people would say that is the primary measure of a coach but here it is Rejected. We have one silly poster who calls Helton Hugs. So what. That is irrelevant To his ability to coach. Then we have the faux Trojans who hide behind their so Called affiliation with USC. He recruits well. Irrelevant. Thst is the second most important Job of a head coach but for Helton no credit at all. Last night watching the game there Were so many true frosh and redshirt frosh posing key roles I had to pull out the Roster to identify them. While building up the talent level Helton has made USC Younger and the future is bright and you guys are whining. Helton recruited And coached Darnold but Darnold gets the credit for the wins Helton for the loses You guys crucified Helton for not starting Darnold right away but when he starts JT right away he gets no credit. I will say it again I am glad there are adults running Heritage hall and not the infants on this board
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