I am not a Helton fan, but not necessarily

By: Torpedoman

for some of his style/recruiting/the kind of man he is etc.. My problem is that he is the captain of the ship, and his leaders.. the coaches.. are a massive fail. This keeps us from evere becoming legitimate NC contenders. I feel that we have the talent to be an NC contender, but they are just helf back by the ineptitude of his staff. So, how can you be considered a great/even good HC if your own placed staff are inept? I even excuse his exhuberance in getting that late penalty in the no-go referee's zone.. but I cannot excuse the obvious lacking fundamentals and discipline failures in every game that prevents our great athletes from domination.  A prime example.. it took Tee Martin massive time span to determine and deliver the plays. It cost us a critical Q4 timeout last night and, as has happened multiple times has prevented Daniels from controlling a tempo offense. Another example .. short yardage.. how many clueless inside zone runs have we failed to produce with? My friggin wife can even call those plays, ya think the opposing defenses can also? Last night in the 2H.. Zona was putting an 8th man in the defensive front.. don't you think that in playing not to lose, that Martin might have tried adjusting to using the whole field? Hence we only got a couple of 1st downs in the 2h as our offense stalled. These problems crop up weekly.. WTF.. The problem is NOT the QB, the WR's or the RB's per se.. It's the direction they are being unsupported with. I won't bother you with Callaway commentary.. and Clay's Kim Helton/Neil Callaway brofest.  Anyway, I've got a general overall displeasure with his staff, and he's the one that deserves the heat. His leadership regime does a vast disservice to his great stable of athletes. .. I root with heart and emotion to win every game and be dominant, but this version is not my kind of USC football!


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